Whether it’s for our work, our relationships, or our health, goals help us see the end and make progress towards it. If you have a goal, it is imperative for you to write that goal down.

Research suggests there is a higher success rate for goals that are written down. One of the reasons for this is because when we write the goals down, these goals aren’t just ideas but they become like a contract. For example, write down, “My goal is to run a marathon before the end of the year” then sign your name. By signing your name, you have agreed to the terms of “run a marathon by the end of the year.” You are committing yourself to this goal.

Once your goals are written down, put the paper someplace that you’ll see it every day as a reminder of what you want to achieve. You can even print out your goals and frame them or laminate them. Whatever you do, put it somewhere that you’ll see it every day and that you’ll notice it every day.

As you do this, you will have a better success rate than on goals that were simply ideas in your mind.