When you delegate, do projects come back different from what you expected? Don’t burn out trying to fix things after the fact, follow these steps to make sure the work you delegate is well done:

  1. Clearly define the project: its purpose, expected outcomes, deadline, and budget.
  2. Decide whom to delegate it to by asking:
    1. Do they have the time?
    2. Do they have the skills? 
    3. Are they motivated to do it?
    4. What’s at risk if the project isn’t done well?
    5. Do I have time to coach them through it?
  3. Clearly communicate the details and get a verbal agreement on the deliverables. For example, “Can I count on you to purchase the new equipment by June 9?”
  4. Allow them to decide how to achieve it. Check on progress, but don’t micromanage.

People want to exceed your expectations, so set them up for success. Make sure celebrate success and show plenty of gratitude when the job is well done.



Leena Rinne is FranklinCovey’s Vice President of Consulting