The effectiveness of a goal depends on the consistency of the commitments. You’ll need to guide your team in making commitments that have the highest possible impact. Start with this question: “What are the one or two most important things I can do this week to impact the team’s performance on achieving our goals?”

Let’s break down this question so you understand its significance.

“One or two”: Following through on few high impact commitments is far more important than making a lot of commitments. You want the team to do a few things with excellence, not a lot of things with mediocrity.

“Most important”: Don’t waste time on peripheral activities. Invest your finest attention and effort in those commitments that will make the biggest difference.

“I”: All commitments made are personal responsibilities. You’re not committing other people to do things, you’re committing to things you will do. Although you’ll be working with others, commit to be accountable only for that part of the effort you can be personally responsible for.

“This week”: Discipline 4 in the 4 Disciplines of Execution requires at least a weekly cadence of accountability. Make only those commitments that can be completed within the coming week so that accountability can be maintained.

“Performance on achieving our goals”: This is most critical—every commitment must be directed at moving the lead and lag measures on your scoreboard. Without this focus, you’ll be tempted to make commitments to the whirlwind.